News Talk and Sports Talk Radio Formats

[Please keep in mind that when we are talking about large groups of people, there are many counter-examples. Not every member of every demographic group listens to the same kind of music and radio programming. Descriptions of demographic groups should never be used as the basis for stereotyping.]

News Talk and Sports Talk radio formats are great for reaching men that are 35 years old and older, that earn an above average income, and are usually business decision makers.

If your business sells your product or service in a B2B context then these two talk formats are a good choice.

Talk radio formats have an advantage over music formatted stations, such as adult contemporary and Top 40, in that radio listeners are much more likely to remain on the station through a commercial break, due to the narrative nature of the program. On a talk format, your radio commercial is more likely to be heard in its entirety.

Photo courtesy of Michael Dean, taken at the 2002 Cotton Bowl. From left-to-right starting at the top, Jeff Couch, Michael Dean, Terry McLemore, Ron Benton, Bob Barry, Sr., Keith Jackson, Merv Johnson, and author Jake Fisher.

Photo courtesy of Michael Dean, taken at the 2002 Cotton Bowl. From left-to-right starting at the top, Jeff Couch, Michael Dean, Terry McLemore, Ron Benton, Bob Barry, Sr., Keith Jackson, Merv Johnson, and author Jake Fisher.

There are often radio advertising opportunities on talk formats that aren’t available on music formatted stations. Many news talk personalities are open to doing product endorsements and other kinds of personalized promotions. Also, talk stations often will sell block programming during off-peak hours such as Saturday mornings. If you ever wanted to host your own talk show, you might be able to do it on one of OKC’s talk stations. In fact, KTLR, sells most of their broadcast day as paid programming.

A disadvantage is that talk stations are more likely to run more commercials per hour than music stations. During syndicated shows, like those on ESPN radio, not only does the local station play local ads, but the syndicator plays national ads, too. It all adds up to a lot of commercials.

Advertise on News Talk Radio Stations

The news talk radio format is the most listened to radio format in the United States, in 2018, according to Nielsen Audio.

Usually, stations within this format feature talk shows with intermittent news programming.

While in some markets, there are straight-forward news stations, that don’t feature editorial or opinion-oriented programming, there is not such a station in Oklahoma City.

The talk radio landscape is dominated, nationwide in the United States, by politically-oriented radio programs presented by show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

In Oklahoma City, those three hosts are found on iHeartMedia’s KTOK at AM 1000.

News talk stations in Oklahoma City are:

  • KTOK - AM 1000, iHeartMedia

  • KOKC - AM 1520 & FM 95.3 FM, Tyler Media

  • KTLR - AM 890 & 103.7 FM, WPA Radio

While KTOK features the big three national hosts, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck; KOKC, owned by Tyler Media, presents mostly local programming. Hosts include long-time OKC radio personality, Jack Elliott and former political operative, Chad Alexander.

KTLR, owned and operated by WPA radio, and co-located with Tyler Media, sells most of their broadcast day as paid programming.

Advertise on Sports Talk Radio

The Sports Talk radio format is super-popular in Oklahoma City.

There are seven sports stations in the OKC market!

The Sports Animal

The OG sports radio station in OKC is WWLS. Those call letters were earlier on AM 640 (now KWPN), and pioneered the sports talk radio format in the mid-1990s from the station transmitter on Indian Hills Road in Norman.

Now the station sports talk hosts include former MLB player Jim Traber, broadcast Hall of Famer Al Eschbach, and former OU and Chicago Bear football player, Dusty Dvoracek.

The Sports Animal is the flagship station of the OKC Thunder radio network.

WWLS is owned and operated by Cumulus Media.

The Franchise

In 2013, Tyler Media ceased broadcasting classic rock on 107.7 and launched a sports talk format known as The Franchise.


The author hamming it up with Sam Mayes of KRXO 107.7, The Franchise

Current talk show hosts include Mike Steely (formerly of the Sports Animal); former OU football players Gabe Ikard and Kelly Gregg; and, former Oklahoma State football player, Sam Mayes.

The Franchise is the flagship station of University of Oklahoma sports.

Other Sports Stations in the OKC Market

In addition to the Sports Animal and The Franchise, there are other stations in the sports format. They include:

  • AM 1560 - KEBC - The Franchise 2, which plays national NBS Sports Radio programming and spillover from The Franchise. Owned by Tyler Media.

  • AM 1400 - KREF- hyper-local sports talk in Norman. Owned by Metro Radio Group, a Norman-based ownership group, which as of 2015, includes Randy Laffoon and longtime program director, Casey Vinyard.

  • AM 1340 - KGHM - The Game, which features programming for Fox Sports Radio (based in Los Angeles). Owned by iHeartMedia.

  • AM 640 - KWPN - ESPN Radio. Owned by Cumulus Media.

  • FM 105.3 - KINB - CBS Sports Radio. Owned by Perry Media Group.