Rock and Hip Hop Formats for Young Men

[Please keep in mind that when we are talking about large groups of people, there are many counter-examples. Not every member of every demographic group listens to the same kind of music and radio programming. Descriptions of demographic groups should never be used as the basis for stereotyping.]

Radio formats that program aggressive music are usually effective in reaching young male listeners. 

The most aggressive radio formats found nationwide are:

  • Active Rock Radio Format

  • Hip Hop Radio Format

In Oklahoma City, these two formats don’t exist. The closest formats, represented by stations in Oklahoma City are:

  • Mainstream Rock Radio formatted The Brew, KBRU-FM, 94.7, owned by iHeartMedia

  • Rock Radio formatted Rock 100.5, KATT-FM, owned by Cumulus

  • Urban Contemporary Radio formatted Power 103.5, KPWR, owned by Perry Publishing and Broadcasting.