Country Radio Stations Are Great For Reaching Young and Old in The Suburbs and Rural Areas

[Please keep in mind that when we are talking about large groups of people, there are many counter-examples. Not every member of every demographic group listens to the same kind of music and radio programming. Descriptions of demographic groups should never be used as the basis for stereotyping.]

The country radio formats are great for reaching a broad range of people, young and old, who live in suburbs and rural areas in the United States. 

While formats like rock, sports radio, and news talk radio skew toward male listeners; and, formats like adult contemporary and contemporary hit radio (CHR) skew more female, country radio listeners tend to be evenly split between men and women. 

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The author with country artist Sarah Darling

Photo taken at Tyler Media.

Country stations tend to be less popular in urban areas and more popular in the suburbs and rural areas. 

Country radio formats listeners can vary in age depending the music eras featured. 

Stations that skew young, playing the most recent country hits, are often referred to as hot country or young country. In Oklahoma City, 101.9 The Twister, KTST and 93,3 Jake-FM, fit this description. 

Country music radio formats that play older country music are often called classic country. The country radio stations in OKC that fit this description are Hank-FM, KNAH and KXXY, 96.1. 

Country Radio Stations in Oklahoma City

93.3 Jake-FM is owned and operated by Tyler Media.

101.9 KTST The Twister and 96.1 KXY is owned and operated by iHeartMedia.

99.7 KNAH Hank-FM is owned and operated by Champlin Broadcasting