Oklahoma City HubSpot User Group
3:30 PM15:30

Oklahoma City HubSpot User Group

Jake is giving a short presentation to the Oklahoma City HubSpot User Group with a recap of 2017's HubSpot Partner Day in Cambridge. He will cover:

  • The new HubSpot Content Strategy Tool
  • Updates to the Messages Tool
  • The new LinkedIn Sales Navigator-HubSpot CRM integration

The meeting's featured speaker is Dylan Sellberg, Implementation Specialists from HubSpot. 

Creating content may be something you've been doing for quite some time, but how do you position that content? What you create to drive organic traffic to your site? How is that all working? Dylan will be hosting a workshop that will encourage you to re-think your content development strategy with success in mind! 

By adapting a new framework to creating content, not only will your site see increased organic traffic, but you’ll also see breakthroughs in content idea generation and content placement.

 After this talk you’ll walk away with:

  •   Knowledge of an entirely new content framework
  •   A concrete solution and ideas to put a new content strategy in to play 
  • An understanding of how to position this new content strategy to drive results
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How To Multiply Your Online Roofing Leads without Spending a Dollar in Advertising
11:00 AM11:00

How To Multiply Your Online Roofing Leads without Spending a Dollar in Advertising

There has been a monumental, but largely unnoticed shift in the way people buy big home items like roofs. Contractors that are oblivious to the change are struggling with a dwindling supply of leads and customers.

The guys that understand the change are thriving. They are getting an increasing supply of online leads and customers from their own website without spending additional advertising budget. 

In this free webinar I am going to explain how you can take advantage of this unnoticed change in order double or maybe even triple the leads and customers from your website. 

Save your space

In this free webinar you will learn:

  • How to multiply the online leads from YOUR website without spending an additional dime in advertising, social media or PPC search marketing. 
  • How we drove 606 online leads in one year, for one contractor, from one website. 
  • The four "levers" that you can pull on your roofing website that drives mre leads, estimate requests and new customers without requiring additional website traffic. 
  • How one small shift in how people communicate is killing revenue for roofing contractors around the country. And, how to take advantage of it. 

Save Your Space

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