OKC City Council to Consider Ordinance to Regulate Scooter Services

Bird has been operating e-scooter share in OKC for two weeks. Their competitor, Lime is launching next week. If the city council follows the city manager's recent recommendation, then by the end of September, OKC will have a full framework in place to oversee such vehicle sharing services. 

The City Manager of Oklahoma City, James Couch, has recommended an ordinance dealing with dockless e-scooters and other such vehicles. The proposed ordinance is scheduled to be introduced on August 28th. The public hearing is recommended for September 11th and the vote would happen on September 25th. 

Here are few points from the proposed ordinance:

  • Each company (referred to as an operator in the proposed ordinance) will initially be limited to 75 vehicles. Based on ridership data, which they will be required to share on a monthly basis, they can request licenses for 75 more if they operator can prove to the city that usage rates warrant more.
  • Each company will be required to pay an annual license of $302 plus $30 per vehicle deployed. Assuming that both Bird and Lime deploy the full 75, that equals a total revenue to the city of $5,104 per year. 
  • The companies are required to carry commercial general liability insurance with limits of not less than $175,000 per person for bodily injury and not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • Once the companies are informed that there is a parking violation, they will have two hours (if notified by city of parking violation in right-of-way or noncompliance with license ) or one hour (if notified by private property owner of violation on their property) to retrieve the vehicle. 
  • The companies must submit to the City monthly records that indicate rider profiles (including age), number of vehicles in circulation, a log of the number of rides and mileage as well as reports of customer comments/complaints and reported collisions.

Here is the city manager's vehicle sharing recommendation memo:

Read the full proposed ordinance here: